Food Writer

I am a writer living in Toronto, Ontario. Most of my work focuses on the local food and restaurant scene. I trained in culinary arts at George Brown College and have worked in various aspects of the restaurant industry over the years. I have written for a variety of local and international publications on topics ranging from food production and nutrition, to restaurant news, reviews and profiles. Currently I run Stained Pages Press and publish Beer and Butter Tarts – A Canadian Literary Food Journal.


I am the first to admit to being a bit of a crank. Misanthropic, slightly agoraphobic, allergic to damn near everything, and never really having found a way to fit into mainstream society (see “Misfit”, below), I have a low tolerance for crowds, ignorance, group-think, self-entitlement, or anything that reeks of the status quo.


Despite the fact that I am now in my forties, I have never felt comfortable in mainstream society, doing the things that “normal” people do. A child of Halifax’s punk scene of the 1980s, I’ve always looked at the world from a different angle than everybody else, and tend to be sarcastic and cynical – and rebellious – when presented with how I’m “supposed” to live my life as determined by others.

For years I worked in Toronto’s goth/industrial music scene as a writer, concert promoter, and record label owner. My writing background comes from the punk-inspired DIY aesthetic of zines and indie record labels.