I am a writer and editor from Toronto, Canada.

Most of my non-fiction work has focused on food; ranging from articles about production and nutrition to restaurant news, reviews, and chef profiles. I have contributed to a variety of local and international publications. 

A great deal of my fiction writing draws on my background as a food writer, and almost always has strong elements related to food and dining, with settings that range from bakeries to chocolate factories to hidden pop-up restaurants.

My works of romantic fiction feature strong female characters who take no shit (or learn to stand up for themselves over the course of the story), and my overall goal with this genre is to create stories that appeal to people who would not normally consider reading romance novels.

On a personal level, my Twitter bio describes me perfectly:

Writes stuff. Betty Crocker punk rocker. Black-clad, curmudgeon, misfit, introvert. Curses like a sailor, does not suffer fools.

I’ve spent most of my life within various alternative sub-cultures (punk, goth, industrial), and am not especially interested in mainstream music, sports, or celebrity culture. Rather, I find joy and delight in the odd, quirky, or downright bizarre. I am a supporter of small businesses, local artisans and creators, and the underdog in general, and my writing very much reflects that.