About Sheryl

I am a writer, editor and event organizer living in Toronto, Ontario.

Most of my literary work has focused on food, ranging from production and nutrition to restaurant news, reviews and profiles, and I have contributed to a variety of local and international publications. I am the author of Kitchen Party – Food Stories From Nova Scotia and Beyond and I run the micro-imprint Stained Pages Press.

On a personal level, I am a curmudgeon and a misfit with a great dislike for most of the things that mainstream society values, such as celebrity, sports, and the status quo. I’ve spent most of my life within various alternative sub-cultures (punk, goth, industrial), and now, firmly in middle age, I am often at odds with what society expects me to be.

Having said that, I also have a positive side…

About The Awesome Thing

The daily Awesome Thing serves two purposes:

First, as a way to have something delightful and charming in my day. I have a reputation for being negative, cynical and cranky, and while I am probably all of those things, I also am a very positive person who can find joy in small, simple things.

Second, as a way to share the stuff I come across. I have spent a lot of my life in jobs (editing, writing, organizing craft markets) where I curate things for the entertainment and benefit of others. While my tastes are not mainstream, they are discerning, and I seem to have a knack for finding cool stuff. If I can use my resources to promote local artisans, restaurants, shops, etc., all the better.

The Awesome Thing is simply something that I’ve found and think is awesome. It might be a book, a food item, an artist or a specific piece of their work, a website, a shop, a song, an event… The only rule is that it must bring me joy and be something that I think will be appreciated by others.