Caroline’s Cupcakes

When Caroline Brant opens her cupcake shop, she has no idea that she is setting herself up as competition for the French bakery on the next block over. And while one of the two brothers who own the place is taking her presence in stride, the other is really very unhappy that she’s there. Then a fire at Les Deux Freres forces the brothers to share Caroline’s kitchen to deal with their holiday rush, and a romance develops as Caroline and Michel start baking bread together.

However, all is not what it seems with the handsome baker and when he leaves for vacation and abandons both her and his business, betraying his brother and leaving behind a huge trail of debt, it falls to Caroline to try and save both the French bakery and her own shop, as well as the jobs of everyone involved, including her nemesis Philippe.

Caroline is just a nerdy girl with a piping bag, can she really save everyone from ruin with some spreadsheets and a bit of self-sacrifice? And when forced to make a decision, which brother will she choose?

Coming late August.