Lucky Dip – Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Would ketchup on steak be a deal-breaker in a new relationship? How about if they won’t eat blueberries? [Globe and Mail]

That brings a whole new meaning to “franks and beans” – a worker at a Heinz factory in the UK loses a finger in some machinery. [Food Manufacture UK]

Eat fruit, it’s good for you. [Globe and Mail]

Oh, no they didn’t… Cadbury UK (which is owned by Kraft, which is owned by cigarette manufacturer Phillip Morris) has run an ad that references model Naomi Campbell and compares her to chocolate. The ad has been pulled to avoid a racial backlash, but expect some lawsuits in the near future. [The Independent]

A history of whisky (part 1) in Toronto. [Toronto Standard]

Food prices will double by 2030. Before you start whining about the price of corn flakes, think about how this will affect the 44 million people who have been pushed into poverty just in the last year. [The Guardian]

Archaic liquor laws in Utah are hurting restaurants, where not every customer is Mormon, and some of them might want the occasional drink. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

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Sheryl & the Chocolate Factory

Every year, Toronto holds a city-wide festival during the last weekend in May called Doors Open where the public gets to go on free mini-tours of places they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. Many of these buildings are ones that the public can get into if they have a reason to be there, either because they’re on a paid tour, or because they have business of some sort in the place. Few people have reason or opportunity to wander through a chocolate factory, though, so when the news came out that Cadbury was going to open the doors of its Toronto factory as part of Doors Open, people were excited. Unfortunately, while the concept of Doors Open is a good one, designed to encourage an appreciation for historical and architecturally unique buildings, what we got at the Cadbury’s factory doesn’t really even count as a “tour”.

Now I didn’t go expecting to see Oompa-Loompas. I didn’t expect to be greeted by Johnny Depp in a top hat. I didn’t figure there would be a river of chocolate. But on a “tour” of a chocolate factory, I do kind of expect to see some chocolate getting made.

At least put in a nice plate-glass window so we can watch the bars of chocolate whizzing by.


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