Where Can I Find – Live Lobster

lobsterOne of the big holiday food traditions in our house is a feed of lobster on Christmas Eve. We don’t get fancy – we just cover the table with newspaper and boil up the tasty crustaceans and serve them with melted butter and some potato salad.

While the season has ended in a number of places until spring, inshore lobster fishing is still taking place in southern Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Lobster fishing is always legal offshore, although purists prefer lobsters sourced closer to land, which means there is still lobster to be had – inexpensively.

Economic woes, particularly in the US, have adversely affected the Atlantic lobster fishery, both in the US and Canada. This means a decent retail price for consumers (normally about $14.99 a pound, lobster prices over the holidays dropped as low as $6.99 per pound in Toronto), but not such a great deal for lobster fishers who have the same costs to cover even though their profit is less. In Halifax this past December, lobster fishers were being offered a wholesale rate of $3 per pound and many boycotted sales to mainstream stores in favour of that traditional Nova Scotian sales method – setting up by the side of the road and selling the things out of the back of a truck. This at least allowed the fishers to charge a still inexpensive $5 per pound and to recoup their operating costs and turn a small profit.

This is not a practical option for selling lobster in Toronto, however, and we have no choice but to hand some money over to the middlemen and buy our lobster at an actual store, but with prices like these, it’s an opportunity that might not come along again for some time.

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Leggo My Eggo – Organic and Mainstream, Side by Side

My local Dominion store recently changed its name and became a Metro. I grew up with Dominion (my uncle was the manager of the location in our neighbourhood, and my aunt – his sister – ran the butcher shop and bakery), but the Metro name is new to me. We don’t do a lot of shopping at Dominion because it tends to be more expensive that the other nearby chains, and their line of house brand stuff just isn’t as good, but I do end up there for health food and organic items, because they have a small section of basics that regularly saves me from having to make the trek to the nearest health food store, which is a mile or so away.

As a Dominion store, the health food had its own aisle; all the organic stuff was together. When the store switched to a Metro, they took out the health food aisle and spread the organic and health food items throughout the store into the different sections.

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