Lucky Dip – Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

For all the hype about food trucks and street food, we’ve got to accept that it’s still a marginal (albeit hot) trend. Which doesn’t necessarily translate into a good, workable business plan. [BlogTO] [Toronto Star] [Porkosity]

Gift with purchase – aw, man, I NEVER find live tree frogs in my pre-packaged salads. No fair. (And yes, I would totally keep him as a pet.)  [Consumerist]

There’s talk of banning competitive eating. But maybe the real question is why we’re so enthralled with the concept in the first place. [Globe and Mail]

Dear dick-waving macho chefs – you’re really starting to bore us. [Zester Daily]

I wanna know who these people are who are giving Maya Angelou flack for writing a cookbook and give them a hearty smack. Maya Angelou can write anything she damn well pleases, and y’all will read it and like it. That it includes soul food dishes and the cassoulet she cooked for M.K. F. Fisher is just gravy. [Guardian]


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