Lucky Dip – Wednesday, August 23rd, 2011

Could it be that we might eventually enjoy eating at a food court? The new Urban Eatery at the Eaton Centre, to open September 1st, is looking good. [Toronto Star]

You know that whole “know where your food comes from” philosophy? It applies to wine as well. Seems some South African wines are produced under horrific human rights conditions. [The Telegraph]

Office workers complain of stinky food items eaten by co-workers. Or, y’all could just not eat lunch at your desk, which is pretty darn gross anyway, even without the stink of tuna sandwiches. [Wall Street Journal]

The US Department of Agriculture refuses to implement a ban on using food stamps to purchase soda and other unhealthy beverages. [CBS News]

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Grandmother, a hipster or a flavour fanatic, there’s plenty of reasons and ways to get canning. [National Post]

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