Dinner With the Top Chefs

There is no reasonable excuse I could give for not getting around to posting these photos earlier, because the dinner at Great Cooks on Eight with Top chef Canada competitors Andrea Nicholson, Todd Perrin Steve Gonzales, Mike Stauffer and Patrick Wiese took place on June 30. I know, I am a deadbeat.

And despite knowing a couple of the chefs involved from eating at their restaurants or interviewing them for TasteTO, I have to admit that I’m not a huge Top Chef fan. I lost interest in the middle of the 2nd US season, so while I kept track of who was doing well in the Canadian competition, I was not a weekly viewer. I joked on Google + recently that I’d happily watch “Top Chef Historical” where modern chefs had to cook Careme-style banquets without gas or electricity, but my reality-TV watching does lean towards the historical stuff anyway. (And I suspect potential competitors would have my head if such a show actually came to fruition.)

In any case, 5 of the Canadian competitors got together to do a dinner – here’s what they cooked.

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Lucky Dip – Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Will city council get the message that their job is about more than balancing the books – or will Toronto lose the local food procurement policy we’ve worked so hard for? [Joshna Maharaj]

And the winner is… Top Chef Canada finishes its first season with an upset, at least for the hometown crowd. [National Post: The Appetizer]

This is very bad news for someone who eats out for a living – eating at restaurants boosts risk of obesity. [Orlando Sentinel]

Gah! The price of palm oil is declining due to “increased supply”, AKA more deforestation. Come on you guys, stop eating shitty food made with palm oil and save some rainforest already. [Bloomberg]

See those weeds? Those are good eats. And plenty of them around the city. 10 foods you can forage in the city. [Toronto Tasting Notes]

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