Why Hire Me?

So you know all those other freelance writer websites with the same old cliched image files of fountain pens and the assurances that they are fantastic, amazing, incredible writers who can wow you with everything from blisteringly witty ad copy to a ghostwritten novel that is better than War and Peace? Yeah, I’m not them.

That’s not to say that I’m not a decent-to-excellent writer (plus… humble). Or that I’m not flexible and comfortable with different types of documents. As an event organizer, concert promoter and record label owner I’ve written everything from ad copy to press releases to album liner notes. I’ve been covering food, restaurants and nutrition since 2006 for some of Toronto’s major publications. I also edited and published a daily online food news magazine, wrote a book and edited an anthology of Canadian food writing. See my full CV here.

Most of my work over the past fifteen years has been with small businesses; local artisans, bands, designers, craftspeople, restaurants and food shops, artists, authors and related organizations, to help promote their work and increase their popularity and sales. I’ve also been a small craftsperson, so I know what artisans need in terms of web content. I’ve also worked with Toronto-area restaurants to improve their websites and make them more user-friendly.

I am available to write articles, essays and reviews on a freelance basis, as well as web content, blog posts, promotional copy and more.

Please contact me to discuss your project.