Lucky Dip – Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

There are school lunch organizations out there that are feeding kids healthy, organic foods. But your kid’s school isn’t necessarily working with them. They might be dealing with a service like this. [Toronto Star]

There’s nothing sadder than really, really wanting to love a restaurant and having it come up sub-par. [Drawn and Devoured]

Live in Toronto? Jennifer Bain would like to come to your house for dinner. You should invite her. I’ve met her and can vouch for the fact that she’s a nice lady and not an axe-wielding serial killer. [Toronto Star]

Oohh… I love Sri Lankan grub. This place in Markham looks outstanding. [Spice City Toronto]

The hottest new trend for restaurants? Opening an accompanying food shop. [Globe and Mail]

The US will not list bluefin tuna as an endangered species. But… why?? [Politics of the Plate]

The bigger the package, the bigger the portion. Why buying in bulk may not be such a great idea. [National Post]

Quebec sugar pie rocks. (And it’s supposed to be gooey.) [Madame Benoît et Moi]

Speaking of sugar, the Candy Expo is now the Sweets and Snacks Expo, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole pile of candy going on. [Serious Eats]