Lucky Dip – Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Earth Bloor West delivers the same consistent dishes as Ed Ho’s other two locations. [NOW]

Turns out, not everyone who works with food and writes about food is obsessed with food. [Village Voice/The Feast]

We all buy them from time to time, so… who makes the best prepared salads? [Food With Legs]

It reeks of a little bit of desperation – dieters are more likely to trust claims on food packaging. [US News Health]

Now, food comes on two wheels. [The Grid]

Meat glue – it’s going upscale and mainstream, and some of the world’s top chefs think the stuff is really, really keen. [MeatPaper]

Toronto’s hot new restaurants are all touting “Canadian food”. Are we expanding our little circle of “local” to embrace ingredients form outside Ontario? [The Grid]

Poo-shaped chocolate and a plastic toilet full of coloured sugar… candy is really going downhill. [MSN Bites]

All condiments are not created equal. [Sweet Potato Chronicles]

From water to Swiss Chalet – what Toronto chefs eat to help with a hangover. [The Grid]

The chefs who are not rock stars – corporate chefs develop products for companies and grocery stores. [CNN Eatocracy]

Chicken and old lace – how arsenic came to be in supermarket chicken. [Grist]