Lucky Dip – Monday, June 20th, 2011

It must be State Fair season; people are once again frying things that were never meant to be deep-fried. Like Kool-Aid. [Globe and Mail]

Don’t diss the junk food – it has its place as a guilty pleasure. [The Guardian]

It’s still tough going for women in professional kitchens. [National Post]

The fragmentation of food – while many of us aspire to eat foraged mushrooms around a battered harvest table, most people get their food from a box via the microwave. Plus, getting freekah. Let’s watch a food trend unfold. [The Independent]

Oh sweet merciful crap – someone has started a company making server uniforms for skeezy titty restaurants. [FOX Business]

Fast food is getting fancy – after having exhausted the low income demographic, chains like McDonald’s want the mid-range customers looking for the “fast casual” experience. [National Post]

12% of North American kids have food allergies. The scary part is that minority kids are more likely to be allergic, but less likely to be diagnosed. [Toronto Sun]

The food blogging scene in Australia is similar to everywhere else; conflicts between chefs and bloggers; not being taken seriously by mainstream media or PR people; the scourge of payola; and that ongoing lack of protocol. [The Australian]

If it’s June, someone’s at a wedding eating rubber chicken. Unless they’re eating one of these wedding foods from around the world. [Epicurious]

The lowdown on probiotics. Yes, they can be helpful, but don’t believe every yogurt container that you read. [Toronto Sun]

Speaking of yogurt – that ad with the gal looking in the fridge at the cheesecake; witty or encouraging of eating disorders?  [The Week]

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  1. Really enjoyed the Independent article – a great low-down on the complexities and contradictions of the food scene(s) today. Thanks for the link!

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