Lucky Dip – Friday, August 26th, 2011

Could you live for a week eating food from Dollarama? How about at least throwing some canned fruit and veg in there, for fibre? [Toronto Star]

Pop-ups, food trucks, facial hair, they’re all there in this list of bad restaurant trends. [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

Speaking of pop-ups, Diner En Blanc is scheduled for tonight in NYC. So is a hurricane. But don’t forget that if you bring an umbrella, it has to be clear or white. [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

All chefs are called Matt. Okay, not all of them, but 3 of Toronto’s most-well known chefs share the same name, if not the same philosophies about food. [Toronto Star]

Really, when are food bloggers going to realize that if even one of us falls for the scams from viral marketing companies it devalues the work of every blogger out there? [Virginia Willis Culinary Productions]

When you find Bloody Caesar’s to be more disgusting than cat piss… yes, beer really does go well with brunch. [Food Republic]

Why everyone should revisit the EX, at least every quarter century or so. [Inside Toronto: Menumental]

How to talk about restaurants you’ve never been to. This is from Eater New York, but we can certainly come up with a Toronto version. [Eater]

Ah, the children in restaurants issue… again. And again, I’ve gotta reiterate, it’s usually not the kids, but the parents. I can’t imagine EVER being allowed to run around a restaurant as a child, and while I can deal with a baby fussing or crying, children on the run is completely and totally unacceptable. Everybody sits, at the table, until the meal is done. No exceptions. [Grub Street]

Wahlburger. Yeah. [US Magazine]