Lucky Dip – Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Everything old is new again. The next food trend won’t be about trucks or foam – it will be about history. [Wall Street Journal]

Your peanut butter is about to get expensive – even if you buy the local stuff. Time to stock up. [Toronto Star]

They don’t get to choose what they’ll eat, and to protesters there to have their say against corporations like Monsanto, than might mean dinner is a choice of prepared foods made with GMOs or nothing, but the folks occupying Wall Street are eating pretty well. [New York Times]

Canada is the only G8 country without a national school lunch program. Will we ever get one? [Globe and Mail]

It is possible to make really good Turkish delight, but it’s not always easy. [The Hairpin]

A healthy hotdog? Really? Yeah, really. [Toronto Star]

Could the Occupy Wall Street movement include a backlash against restaurants? If a meal for 2 costs $1000, your place is probably catering to the 1%. [Gothamist]

When you think about it, it totally makes sense. But why has nobody thought to pair tea and cheese before this? [Globe and Mail]

A front yard garden is sure to be the beginning of some new relationships. [Spacing Toronto]

Your mustard collection might have to make room for some gourmet mayo. [Globe and Mail]