Hi! Thanks for visiting. I’m currently in the process of cleaning/reno-ing this site, so apologies if things are messy or hard to find.

My art and design stuff is in the process of being moved to a shiny new online shop where everything will be easier to view and purchase. This site will be getting an overhaul to focus on writing. (And to maybe clear out those 15-year-old blog posts about restaurants that don’t exist anymore…)

Please feel free to poke around, but please also come back in early 2024 for an updated site.


You’ve found the home of Sheryl Kirby, multi-disciplinary creative.

I enjoy doing a lot of different things, from writing and painting to making jewelry and fashion-oriented fibre arts; making things both with my hands and on a computer. This makes me either incredibly creative or a raging dilettante.

Currently I am working on my fourth book, a mystery set in Toronto in the late 1920s.

I make weird, audacious, statement jewelry. I also use various art and painting programs to make images that are printed onto everything from clothing and credenzas to bath mats and phone cases.

I sell my work at the Toronto Dark Arts Market, which I also run; check out the website for coming events.

Please feel free to explore… I hope you find something you like. And please check back regularly, there’s more great stuff in the works.