If Soy Makes You Gay, How Come There Are so Many People in China?

Oh, those crazy Christians. Always questioning the world around them looking for answers to the things they don’t understand. Which would normally be a good thing, except when answers = scapegoating. Now that we’ve confirmed that Tinky Winky and his purse aren’t turning the world’s children into raging drag queens, the time has come for the Christian right to determine exactly what causes “teh gay”.

Apparently, it’s soy.

According to columnist Jim Rutz at WorldNetDaily (an informative site with articles titled “25 reasons to celebrate the nativity”, and why you should pull your children from public school (hint- it’s the debbil!!!), soy, which contains estrogen, is turning the fine, masculine young men of the United States into limp-wristed girlie-men.

Now, the full effects of a high-soy diet are not well known. Asian diets of all stripes (Chinese, Japanese et al) rely on soy, but usually in very pure or fermented forms, and in very small quantities. And western food companies use a great deal of refined soy in processed foods. Studies on the overall benefits or detriments of soy are all over the board, and most definitely rely on who paid for the study in the first place. But homosexuality has existed since the beginning of time, long before soy-based baby-formula became prevalent.

What I find the most amusing about this piece of… I’ll go with writing because using the term “journalism” would be an insult to real journalists, is that there’s absolutely NO mention of the Western World’s main source of soy, which is via meat. Beef cattle, unless specifically grass-fed to be natural and organic, are fed a combination of corn and soybeans.

So maybe if Rutz wants to ensure that the young men of his country don’t get teh gay, he should be posting a diatribe against factory-farmed beef and not poor, innocent blocks of tofu.