Baby Pies

Many of you are familiar with my pie dilemma. Like it, love it, don’t want to eat a whole one. With only Greg and I in our household, a whole pie never gets eaten, or it gets soggy, or we do eat it and feel fat and guilty.

So I bought little bitty 6-inch pie pans.

I wasn’t sure how many I’d be able to make out of a regular pie crust recipe, but what with rolling it fairly thin, which is much easier when you’re doing little crusts, I managed four.

This innovation also enabled me to make different flavours – strawberry rhubarb for Greg, apple for me. One to eat, the rest to pop in the freezer so there’s pie whenever we have a craving. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this years ago, but having *just enough* pie makes me very, very happy.