It Is Done

No, there are no photos. Not that I couldn’t take photos, it’s just that every surface in the house is covered with gobs of chocolate, and I just don’t have the energy.

Christmas baking, I’m talking about, in case you were confused.

3 kinds of fruitcake, 4 types of cookies, 4 flavours of truffles, plus coconut creams, peppermint patties and candied nuts. And despite the fact that it all fits nicely into tins to ship, it doesn’t feel like I did enough. Nevertheless, the box of presents is honkin’ big and it needs to go to the post office tomorrow before we get any more snow (it’s too heavy and unwieldy to carry so it’s gotta go in my old lady shopping buggy and thus must go before there is more snow on the ground because – huh – wouldn’t that suck?), so I’m done with all the stuff to be baked for other people.

Next year I start in September and make better use of the freezer, which is part of the reason why I bought the freezer, if I recall correctly.

There’s still stuff I want to make for Greg and I, though. Peppermint meringues, French-style macarons, and marshmallows. Some of it doesn’t ship well (I suspect getting meringues in the mail would be utterly sad), and the marshmallows I need to try before I send them off to others. Also the whisky and fruit butter tart recipe I got in a press package along with a bottle of Grant’s.

At some point I’ll also go to the grocery store and buy the annual jar o’ mincemeat and package of frozen tart shells – the only Christmas treat I don’t actually make from scratch, mostly because I really only ever want/need one mincemeat tart, so if I had a whole batch they’d go bad.

But once the boxes are sent tomorrow, I get to enjoy Phase 2 of Christmas, where all my shopping and obligatory baking is done and I get to watch holiday shows, drink eggnog and point and laugh at everyone else still trying to get Christmas under control.

Good times.

Mind, I’ll likely still be cleaning chocolate off of stuff well into the new year.