Spring Things


Due to the mild winter and early spring, we are about 3 weeks ahead of the season here in Toronto in terms of plants and gardens. I’m hearing stories of fiddleheads and asparagus showing up at farmers’ markets already, and the lilacs (which usually are in bloom for Victoria Day) are fully in flower and smelling amazing. So I grabbed the camera when I was out doing errands earlier – here’s what the neighbourhood looks like right now.

I sometimes call this time of year “confetti season” because as the winds blow the petals off the apple trees, it makes the sidewalks look as if they’re covered in confetti. This apple tree on Gwynne Avenue is particularly fragrant.

I adore the little patches of violets that show up along fences and sidewalks. They don’t seem to have any smell, but they’re so pretty.

More apple blossoms, this variety gets big and bushy like pompoms.

And who should be hanging out in the apple tree but a handsome red-wing blackbird. I really did get this close – he was much more interested in his lunch.

Snowball bush in front of our neighbour Sarah’s house.

One of the quince bushes in the parkette near our building.

Quince bush again – let’s hope this is a better year for quinces and that every one of those flowers becomes fruit for quince jam.

Lilacs -really are in bloom. Crazy.

I have no idea what this tree is – I assume it’s related to the lilac in some way, but they grow quite tall. We jokingly call this “the candy tree” because the flowers smell so sweet, and the aroma is so strong, you can smell it half a block away.

And of course, the dandelion. Friend to nature lovers, small children wishing to pick a bouquet, and lovers of obscure foods; foe to lawn enthusiasts. I don’t care, they still put a big smile on my face.