Flowers and Chocolate

I actually came across these dark chocolate and floral bars well before Valentine’s Day, and if I had my act together, would have posted about them before now. The collection is by Belgian chocolatier Dolfin and is called The Parfums d’Eden. It features 4 different flowers (rose, violet, verviene [lemon verbena] and orange blossom), offered in 30g bars of 60% chocolate.

We found these at Aren’t We Sweet in St. Lawrence Market, but they should be available wherever Dolfin chocolate is sold.

All of the bars smelled and tasted strongly of the included flower, although I didn’t get a lot of lemon either on the nose or the tongue with the verveine. In fact, the dried flowers within the chocolate had an almost tobacco-like taste and smell. No sign of lemon whatsoever. I wasn’t familiar with verveine as a flower – didn’t know it was “verbena”, so imagine my surprise to discover that the flavour is meant to be lemony.

In any case, I liked it a lot. Both the rose and violet bars were heady with perfume, only the orange blossom bar was mild in flavour. But then orange blossoms are a lightly-scented flower compared to the others.

Dolfin, which is known for pairing funky flavours with chocolate (they were the first to add tea, masala chai, aniseed, etc.) offers another line of floral chocolates, although I haven’t come across them in Toronto yet. These are molded flower “petals” in six different flavours: rose, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, geranium, lemongrass and lavender.

Final verdict – I liked these more than Greg did. But then I’m also the girl with a tin of rose pastilles in my desk drawer, so you could say I like them a lot. They’re a bit spendy – $2 and change each – but a beautiful treat, especially for someone who loves dark chocolate and flowers.