Lucky Dip – Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

But, everybody’s doing it! Supermarket listing fees and why that competitive nature means hard times for small independent food manufacturers who can’t afford to pay them. [Toronto Star]

Allergies, special diets, concerns about sustainability… have we all become impossible to please when eating out? []

The best eats of the coming summer, from burgers, BBQ and brunch to Thunderin’ Thelma. Use it as a to-do list and hit them all. [NOW]

10 restaurant trends that are dead in NYC. Which means Toronto can still beat some life out of them for another couple of years. [Eater]

Never got into patio season? Think sidewalk cafes are all about bugs in your food and car exhaust in your face? It’s crappio season, people, you’ll eat that exhaust and you’ll love it! [Toronto Standard]

Most health food trends can be traced back to religious fringe groups. [Slate]

Is it odd that I’m so excited about the opening of La Société Bistro, the new French bistro on Bloor? I just want to see if the place is as beautiful as the sketches make it out to be. [Toronto Star]

Okay, so “no substitutions” is one thing, but a restaurant not allowing a customer to have their salad dressing on the side? Especially when that customer is a very-pregnant Posh Spice and she’s dining with Gordon Ramsay?? Makes you wonder if the place was just looking for free publicity, damn the fall-out they might get. [Serious Eats]

They’re boozin’ it up at The Grid this week with 86 reasons to drink. And while I know the weekly is trying to target the supposedly “young and hip urbanite” crowd, the piece on attractive bartenders is really scraping the bottom of the lowest common denominator barrel. TaaahhhKEY! [The Grid]

The greatest creator of food waste has to be “use-by” dates. They should never be a replacement for common sense. [MSNBC]

Is a favourable review from a noted restaurant critic justification for a restaurant to hike up their prices? [Grub Street New York]