Smörgåsbord – Wvrst, Stockyards, Pizza e Pazzi, Marben

Smörgåsbord part 2 continues with the many meals of May.

We popped by Wvrst (609 King Street West) a day or so after they opened to grab a photo for my piece and found it to be a great place. The many sausages come either on a bun or as currywurst, where the sausage is sliced and served with rye bread and a tomato curry sauce. The above was a Kranjska sausage and was way delicious. Beside it, the Italian sausage with sauerkraut.

Duck fat fries. Full of awesomeness. Paired with the bison sausage (or choose rabbit, duck, venison, boar, kangaroo or pheasant) topped with caramelized onions and sweet peppers.

On May 29th, we stopped by Marben (488 Wellington Street West) to check out their monthly pig roast. The air was full of smoke but our bellies were full of a tasty selection of pork meat, from belly and ham to big chunks of crispy crackling.

Marben’s pig roast comes with a choice of sides (2 per person), so we picked fries, coleslaw, baked beans and kale.

We also checked out the grand opening of Pizza e Pazzi (1182 St. Clair Avenue West), where they do up a fine anti-pasti platter of Italian meats and cheeses, veggies and dips.

The chefs of Pizza e Pazzi went to Italy to gain Neapolitan pizzaiolo certification and they’ve got a pizza oven from Naples as well. The crust is a little thicker than you’ll find at some of the high-end pizza joints downtown, but it’s got a great flavour.

For dessert Pizza e Pazzi offers some lovely cannoli, one stuffed with cheese and candied fruit (think spumoni ice cream). My only complaint is that the pasty is pre-filled and not as crisp as it could be. I want my cannoli to shatter when I bite into it.

Finally, last week we headed up to the inaugural Brewery Market event, and took the opportunity to have brunch at The Stockyards (699 St. Clair Avenue West) first. The brunch special was cheesy grits with shrimp, mushrooms and sausage.

Chicken and waffles – breakfast of champions. Seriously, finger licking good.