Lucky Dip – Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Shark fin has been an issue for years, but now that we’ve been one-upped by Brantford, Toronto councillors finally seem interested in doing something about it. [Globe and Mail] [National Post] [Toronto Sun] [Toronto Star]

The history of the Oreo (complete with references to the Knights Templar) and other rotary-moulded cookies. [The Atlantic]

Moving beyond the era of low fat. [National Post]

UK restaurant critic Giles Coren has started including a sustainability rating with all of his restaurant reviews. [CatererSearch]

Just like at the cottage, but without the blackflies or traffic getting there – Scadding Court once again fills their pool with trout so city kids can experience catching a fish. [Toronto Star]

Please consider some government food policies – or – how did we get in this mess if the government is supposed to be looking out for us? [Wayne Roberts]

Making a fair argument to Eat the Rich. And how have I lived this long without discovering the writing of Lewis Lapham?? [Mother Jones]

The new hipster-friendly Beer Store concept might look nice, but it’s still like putting lipstick on a pig. [Beer Booze Bites]

Knowing that what you just ate could have been more local, sustainable, healthy, fibre-filled, fresh…mediocrevores have buyer’s remorse at every meal. []

It’s summer, and there’s nothing more refreshing than a big dish of ceviche. [Toronto Life: The Dish]

This is cool – 40 years ago today, housewives were buying more pre-cooked food. [The Guardian]