Lucky Dip – Wednesday. July 13th, 2011

Should obese children be taken away from their parents and put into foster care? Uh, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to spend the money directed to foster care on teaching the family about health and nutrition and/or getting them appropriate help for other issues that may be the cause of the child’s obesity? Enough with the nanny state, already. [Globe and Mail]

This appears to be a US-only promotion, but let’s see what effect healthier kids’ meals at restaurants achieves when (almost) all the restaurants are doing it. [Bon Appetit]

Sorry vegetarians, if you’re flying on a Canadian airline, you’re outta luck when it comes to meals. [Toronto Star]

Okay, so vegetarian cheese is never going to star on a high-end cheese plate – but some of it is good enough for grilled cheese sandwiches or to top a pizza. [Globe and Mail]

Not exactly food related – but I so want to do this. A UK man wore a colander on his head for his driver’s licence photo, insisting that he is a pastafarian and that it’s religious headgear. Awesome. [BBC News]

Nuts to you! And to lower blood sugar and lower cholesterol. [Globe and Mail]

And speaking of nuts, they’re a good form of protein, which is great for breakfast. I’d question this statistic about most people not getting enough protein, though. I’ve come across plenty of information that supports the theory that North Americans get too much of this nutrient (which is in meat, dairy, eggs, nuts) on a daily basis. [Toronto Star]

Food system reform might not happen until we have gender equality. No, really, think about it. [Grist]

I might be a food snob, but you know, I’ll never get rid of my microwave. And I have an odd distrust of people who don’t own one. [Toronto Sun]

I was at an event recently where a blogger (who has more followers than Anderson Cooper) tweeted that they didn’t, up until that moment, know what an amuse-bouche was. Sweetheart, if you spend your life with some form of internet-accessing devise in your hand, you can damn well look it up, you know. That’s why God made Google. But maybe it needs to be a food word of the day. [Food Republic]


“Fresh-a peppa?” Trite sayings we wish servers would ditch. And can I just say that I hate the proffered pepper mill routine? Hate it. Get a bunch of small ones and leave them on the damned tables so we can taste the food and then add pepper ourselves if we need it. It’s not the 17th century when pepper was worth as much as gold. [Chicago Tribune/Stew]



3 thoughts on “Lucky Dip – Wednesday. July 13th, 2011”

  1. re: vegeterians on planes, I was on a flight recently where the proffered snacks (cookies) contained beef tallow.

    re: pepper mills, the reason I’ve always heard for the waiter proffering pepper is that it’s the mills themselves that tend to grow legs and walk away.

    1. When I was veg, I used to pack my own snacks for flights. Can you even do that now, or would they consider you a terrorist?

      And pepper mills – ~sigh~ I can see that, unfortunately. Unless the servers were diligent and came around and collected them at the 4-minute check-in. “I’ll just get that out of your way…”

  2. Yeah, I’m mostly veg (and also distrustful of the “meat” on planes) so I pack my own snacks all the time, the way the chefs in that article describe. As long as there are no liquids/gels, I think it’s okay. And it totally makes fellow-passengers envious.

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