Lucky Dip – Monday, August 1st, 2011

If you’re one of the millions of people who tried to get a reservation at El Bulli and never could, looks like you’re outta luck. The current incarnation of Ferran Adria’s restaurant is now closed. [Toronto Star]

No dogs on chairs! Marco Pierre White has been buying up pubs across the UK with plans to turn them into authentic ale and cider houses. The locals of one such pub, in business since 1420, are unimpressed by his move to stop selling Strongbow and Foster’s. Among the other things he’s banned – swearing, tattoos and dogs on chairs, making “down pub” right boring innit? [Caterer Search]

Does your server know enough (and by that, I mean “anything”) about beer? [Toronto Sun]

More on kids being banned from certain restaurants – seems the trend is spreading. Other things I’d like to see banned from restaurants: guys who don’t remove their hats indoors; large groups of shrieking women; hipsters. [Bites]

A lot of folks are calling foul on McDonald’s addition of apple slices to all Happy Meals. But you know who thinks it’s a great move? Apple growers. [Chicago Tribune]

In a jam? In a pickle? Join author Sarah B. Hood on Sunday at Leslieville Farmers Market for the launch of her book We Sure Can. [Toronto Tasting Notes]

Barista wrist – don’t laugh, it’s real. Getting those espressos just right can put pressure on wrist and elbow joints. And doing it many times a day can actually cause repetitive strain injuries. [Food Republic]

Not exactly food-specific, other than the fact that you maybe should not feed your pet fish a diet of KitKat chocolate bars… or chocolate bars of any type, for that matter. [Hampshire Chronicle]

And just as crappy chocolate bars are not good for Gary the Gourami, they’re not so great for people either. For all the anti-oxidant benefits of chocolate, you really want it raw. [Daily Mail]