Lucky Dip – Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Beer lovers have said for years that beer goes better with food, particularly cheese, than wine does. Josh Rubin has the proof. [Toronto Star]

Okay, I’m all about espousing crazy junk food eating at the fair, but deep-fried and on a stick or not, if you wouldn’t normally eat the food plain, why would you eat it battered and fried? To that point – deep fried stick of butter? Come on. [Bites/Today]

Why you’ve never really had a “sugar high”. [Food Republic]

Candy freaks, this will frustrate you if you’re Canadian (most of the bars are not available here), but how many candy bars can you identify by cross-section? [Jezebel/Slashfood]

It’s the sincerest form of flattery, right? Burger King gets all “I wanna be like you” at McDonald’s. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Acadia tries to evoke the comfy style of Cajun country, but Steven Davey finds nothing but attitude. [NOW]

More on Acadia and what they’re trying to do by combining traditional comfort food dishes with modern presentation and unique ingredients here. [The Grid]

And the reviews for Elle M’a Dit are mixed, based on a menu that seems too heavy for summer. [Dine.TO]

We tend to think of North America food from previous eras as being bland and boring. But could it be that the Puritans were eating some fancy jazzed up meals that were ignored by history? [New York Times]

Thankfully I’ve never had much interest in the recipe-writing end of food writing. Scouring stores for candy canes in July because your lead time is 4 months in advance doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, honestly. [Inside Scoop SF]

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that a craving for crack could be satisfied with turnip greens. [My Food Looks Funny]