Lucky Dip – Friday, August 19th, 2011

My evil plan to shame restaurants into improving their websites is growing. Others are catching on and joining in. Excellent. [Torontoist]

Anthony Bourdain is at it again, spouting vitriol against people he thinks he’s better than, this time Paula Deen. But he might have picked on the wrong lady, because Deen doesn’t strike me as someone who backs down. And unlike other Bourdain victims who have tricked him into rolling over and showing his belly by sending him a fruit basket, Paula Deen is not taking his shit. Maybe Bourdain should stick to picking on dead people (like his assaholic comments about deceased musician Stiv Bators) – at least they can’t fight back. [New York Post]

Milk better than water for kids? During the years where I mostly did nutrition writing, I always made a point of asking who paid for a study that seemed particularly biased. Oh, Dairy Farmers of Canada, you guys need to clean up your act and stop trying to trick people into thinking that they need milk to be healthy. No matter how many studies you pay for and try to present as fact, the truth is against you. [Globe and Mail]

Seven tips for chefs on Twitter – please to note #7. Seriously, stop retweeting every nice thing someone says about you. [Grub Street Boston]

Ah, Hunter S. Thompson… even breakfast was gonzo. [Lapham’s Quarterly]

Our donuts, which are delectable, sugary sweetness be they name… the donut prayer. For those that worship the snack food over all others. [My Food Looks Funny]

The King was creepy and scared people off, but will avocados bring customers back into Burger King? [Globe and Mail]

Wow – this compilation of 90s lunchbox snacks makes me kind of happy that I’m old and mostly took real food to school for lunch. (I remember the HandiSnax, though.) [Buzzfeed]

Deep fried – that’s the theme of this year’s CNE. There is, apparently, other food there as well, if you go looking for it. (I’m kinda feeling the deep-fried Vachon cakes, myself.) [BlogTO]

Brew who who… this will be the most interesting event at Toronto beer week – a bunch of local beer writers and bloggers paired up with local breweries to create their own original beers. I am intrigued and a little bit scared. [St. John’s Wort]