Lucky Dip – Friday, September 2nd, 2011

This is a nifty list of tips to help you shop for healthy grub at the grocery store, including info about how stores manipulate customers with displays and music chosen for target markets. Note to the Parkdale Price Chopper – that Huey Lewis that always seems to be playing when I’m there is actually having the opposite of the desired effect and makes me flee instead of stick around. [Sweet Potato Chronicles]

Toronto, are you excited for the return of Byron? You should be, the man is notorious – in the best possible way. [NOW]

I love the name and the premise of this new “Food Court” column, right now to the winners and losers judgment for each item. [Food52]

Note to self, don’t be so eager to grab the first batch of supposed freestone peaches that come along. Comparison shopping has its advantages. [Food With Legs]

Eating and cooking aboard a warship. You want fries with that? [Toronto Star]

Hungry in Hungary – the country introduces a fat tax on foods high in sugar and fat. Apparently, those Hungarians love their sweets and pastries. [Spiegel Online]

The destination food court at the Eaton Centre. I’m not going near the place until school is well under way (the “maul” on Labour Day weekend… can you imagine?) but I’ve got to admit to being curious. [Toronto Life: The Dish]

The best! brownies! ever! What amuses me most about this is that the office workers who ate the pot-laced brownies didn’t recognize the signs of being high. [National Post]

The design challenges of reusable coffee mugs. [Gizmodo]

Chefs and home cooks alike – who doesn’t love Tap Phong? [Toronto Star]