Lucky Dip – Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Maybe Ricky and Julian (and pretty much every hard-drinking Nova Scotian) aren’t so dumb after all – rum is the hot “new” drink, and yes, you can have it with Coke. [Globe and Mail]

If you’ve been following the news in Toronto about how a Halloween party store has had multiple bomb scares during their busiest season, and wondering why on earth anyone would do such a thing, maybe it’s the same freaky sense of competition that compelled two Domino’s managers in Florida to set fire to a rival pizza joint. []

Tomorrow is International Stout Day (yes, it’s a real thing). Celebrate in style with a tasty chocolate version of the beloved elixir. [Toronto Star]

Fried chicken, a presidential scandal and how what we eat might stereotype us. [Slate]

“Cooking is the showy side of domesticity.” Why men like to cook more than scrub the floor. [Globe and Mail]

Like taking (Halloween) candy from a baby? Unless the baby pulls a gun on you. (The comments are totally a comparison of which gun shoots best at close range. Hi, America!) [Gawker]

Signs that we might finally be over food blogging #1 – the food bloggers with any talent are moving on to professional writing, and we’re looking more for stories from professional cooks than the sharing of the same old recipes. [National Post: The Appetizer]

Signs that we might finally be over food blogging #2 – Marge Simpson becomes a food blogger. With celebrity guests, no less. ~sigh~ [Eater]

Hmmm, when even the people dedicated to the carb-free Paleo diet keep a stash of granola bars in a cupboard, you’ve got to wonder if it’s worth the effort. It certainly doesn’t seem very fun. [Toronto Star]

Having recently dined at a restaurant where the server was pushing dessert on me when I was only halfway through my main, I’ve got to agree that the upselling is getting a little out of hand. [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]