Lucky Dip – Monday, November 7th, 2011

Regularly, I go to bars and yell at servers about what constitutes a martini (hint – it ain’t blue!), but referring to the “martini list” as “the children’s menu” is a stroke of snark so brilliant, I bow down to its greatness. [National Post: The Appetizer]

What’s that? Your factory-farmed pork was not raised humanely? Go figure. [Chicago Tribune]

That’s not a spicy meatball… Rod’s balls are a little flat and bland for Amy Pataki. [Toronto Star:]

If truffles seem extraordinarily expensive this year, it’s because they are. [Guardian]

Better living through chemistry, chocolate version. Scientists in Guelph might have found a way to make chocolate not so fattening. [Globe and Mail]

Speaking of chocolate, this is what the 1% will be munching on Christmas morning. Officially “the best chocolate in the world”, topped with gold flakes, and presented in a box adored with Swarovski crystals. [Daily Mail]

Huh, it turns out that the poor aren’t the biggest consumers of fast food – it’s actually the lower middle class, or “working poor” who are rolling through the drive-thru most often. The folks at the bottom of the ladder instead rely on food banks and food stamps, which are not accepted at fast food outlets… yet. [Time]

Don’t put your money on this honey. [Food Safety News]

Head north to Toronto’s Persian plaza where the flavours of the Middle East await you. [Spice City Toronto]