Smörgåsbord – Tutti Matti, Debu, The Four Seasons

Look, more Smörgåsbord! A few weeks back, we headed up to Mount Pleasant to do some shopping. Our mission was Ontario buckwheat flour from Culinarium, but we stopped at Debu’s for their awesome 3-course prix fixe lunch. This is a chickpea fritter with a mango salad that was offered as an appetizer.

Debu’s chaat is spicy and sweet, full of chickpeas.

Chef Debu Saha’s famous butter chicken. It really is as good as you’ve heard.

For dessert, Debu’s offers a modern presentation for their kulfi.

Debu’s other dessert offering the day we were there was a take on rice pudding made with couscous.

When Chef Daniel Boulud was in town to promote his new restaurant at the Four Seasons, I was lucky enough to be invited to a private luncheon with the chef, some folks from the Four Seasons and a handful of other media. Lunch was prepared by Chef Thomas Bellec, the executive chef of the Toronto Four Seasons. Bellec will also be in charge of Boulud’s restaurant at the new hotel when it opens next year. Bellec prepared a 3-course menu that started with French onion soup and a beet salad.

Gorgeous artic char, served with asparagus and blood orange sections.

Dessert at the Boulud luncheon – my notes don’t mention a proper name for this dessert, but it was layers of hazelnut cream and chocolate.

One of the best lunch deals downtown has got to be Tutti Matti‘s $15 prix fixe lunch menu. Above, the paper-thin beef carpaccio with arugula, parmesan and lemon..

The baked pasta of the day was a vegetarian lasagna the day we were there.

And you can’t go wrong with Chef Alida Solomon’s hand-made pasta in meat sauce.

The dessert of the day was a vanilla panna cotta with strawberry preserves.