Lucky Dip – Monday, December 12th, 2011

Rob Ford looks only to the here and now, and fails to look at the long-term viability of city programs set to be chopped. Such as the school nutrition programs that keep violence down, test scores up and that help to create responsible citizens who have jobs and pay taxes. [The Grid]

Dear Nigella, enough already. It’s just food. And the rest of us are laughing at you in the same way we laugh at people who buy cheap see-through lingerie. [Guardian]

Okay, so we all know we’re not supposed to eat raw cookie dough. But who knew that it might be the flour carrying the e.coli? Crazy! [NPR]

If you’re still suffering Bright Pearl withdrawal symptoms (I know I am), Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant might fill the void.  [Toronto Life: The Dish]

Dear sweet baby Jeebus, on your pretend birthday we will eschew cake and celebrate with deep fried mince tarts! No, too crazy and trendy, even if they taste amazing? Whether they celebrate the birth of Christ or not, people get awfully cranky when you screw with their ever-so-traditional Christmas dinner. [Guardian]

Quinoa with a side of attitude. []

Think you know everything about food and Christmas? Take the quiz. No peeking at the answers until you’re done. [Guardian]

Nobody I know in the industry takes sites like Yelp seriously, yet restaurateurs continue to get screwed by a website where any whackjob can write a review of their restaurant, even before it’s officially open. [Inside Scoop SF]