Lucky Dip – Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

In Toronto:

Chef Rob Rossi announced yesterday that his new restaurant BestEllen (972 College Street) will open on Friday, March 2nd.

The Federal (1438 Dundas Street West) opens tomorrow is  in the former Zoots Cafe location, with a brunchy-type menu full of eggs, sandwiches, soups, waffles and a Ploughman’s lunch.

Japanese noodle chain Santouka Ramen is reportedly looking for a location in downtown Toronto.

And while it’s out in Brampton, Maroli, everyone’s favourite Keralan restaurant, opens a second location at 31 George Street North tomorrow.

The Granite Brewery (245 Eglinton Avenue East) has announced plans to expand brewing operations into the basement of their existing location. Full details at Canadian Beer News.

You should go:

If you haven’t had enough of all things bacon, Tastes of Tomorrow, a student-run group at George Brown Chef School, hosts a seminar about our favourite part of the pig on Monday, March 5th at 6:30pm at the Chef’s School at 300 Adelaide Street East. Chef Stuart Betteridge will take attendees through a bacon tasting and history lesson. This event is open to the public, admission is $10 – please rsvp to

The Loose Moose (146 Front Street West)  hosts a mini-craft beer festival this month. Starting March 1st, they will have 3 stouts and a permanent listing of Hops & Robbers IPA on tap. And from March 15th – 17th, they’ll be offering beers from Black Oak, Wellington, Paddock Wood, Dead Frog and Kensington Brewing in bottles – $10 will get you 5 4oz samples. Some of the brewers will be on hand on the 15th for a meet and greet event. There’s also a Sundae Bloody Sundae made with Guinness, ice cream and Frangelico.

On March 12th, Fynn’s of Temple Bar (489 King Street West)  hosts an Irish Whiskey dinner, pairing 4 Irish whiskies with a four-course meal. Tickets are $50 per person. RSVP by emailing

Other food news:

Some folks might consider Michael Pollan a little bit preachy, but some of those food commandments make a lot of sense. [Zester Daily]

Kids in Massachusetts were served something called KKK Chicken in their school cafeteria. Turns out the Ks were for Krispy and Krunchy… plus an extra K just in Kase. Beside the politically-incorrect whoopsie, shouldn’t all areas of a school encourage proper spelling? []

Dear Nestle, The cocoa plan? I hate you a little less today. Maybe not to the level where I’d be willing to buy your products, but you’re getting there. [via Toronto Sun]

Make your kid more restaurant-friendly. Please to note the bit about teaching your kid to stay is his seat. Seriously, I’ll put up with some screeching, but you let your spawn wander around grabbing at other people’s food, you deserve all the dirty looks you get. [Eatocracy]

Do you know your diner slang? [Fork in the Road: Village Voice]