Lucky Dip – Friday, March 9th, 2012

In Toronto:

Bistro 990 (990 Bay Street) will shut its doors on March 17th.

Vegan chef Doug McNish‘s first book Eat Raw, Eat Well will be published on March 20th. It’s available for pre-order at various online booksellers already.

Tori’s Bakeshop opens today at 2188 Queen Street East offering vegan, organic and refined sugar-free goodies like pies, cakes, cookies, donuts and more to the folks in the Beach.

You should go:

Tonight at The Depanneur (1033 College Street) the drop-in dinner is tamales by Holy Tamale. Vegan-friendly corn tamales with sweet potato, apple, onion and spices. Plus “drunken beans” and green rice – all for $10. An extra $2 will keep the carnivores happy with some chorizo.

Tickets for Songkran at Khao San Road (326 Adelaide Street West) go on sale today. This annual Thai New Year event celebrates water (be prepared to get wet at this event!) and Khao San Road is offering a 6-course dinner for $45. Ticket sales are only being done in person – you must drop by the restaurant to get tickets.

Hit St. Lawrence Market next Saturday, March 17 for GradsMarket where culinary students work with market vendors to create signature dishes for the public to try. Taking place in the Market Kitchen from 9am – 4pm, admission is $5.

Seedy Saturday has gone plural. Remember how it was always so packed in previous years? Well, the seed sale and exchange is now taking place over several weekends in March, travelling to different Toronto neighbours. Tomorrow it will set up at the Evergreen Brickworks from 11am – 4pm, and will be at other locations next weekend.

In other food news:

It’s pink, therefore it’s meat. How “pink slime” has infiltrated supermarket ground beef. [ABC]

Wait, if giving people access to supermarkets doesn’t help the “obesity crisis” then why have we spent the past few years wringing our hands over food deserts? [Grist]

Another myth potentially debunked – could be that HFCS isn’t that bad for us after all. [Gizmodo]

Although maybe it’s because we’re just eating too much sugar in general. [The Atlantic]

The history of the California roll. [Gourmet]