Lucky Dip – Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

In Toronto:

Campagnolo (832 Dundas Street West)  has finally gotten approval for a sidewalk patio.

The empty restaurant space next to The Horseshoe (372 Queen Street West; formerly Gorilla Monsoon) is sporting signage of the A&W variety. Post-concert root beers for all!

It’s Wednesday, which means kids eat free tonight at The Sister (1554 Queen Street West).

Leslieville gets a new cafe called The Commissary (889 Queen Street East).

Is the raw food movement taking over Toronto? It could be – Rawlicious just opened another new location, this time in Markham (116 Main St. North, Markham).

Famous taco restaurant Rebozos (126 Rogers Road) is setting up shop at El Gordo, the Latin American food court in Kensington Market (214 Augusta Avenue).

RaviSoups will be opening a new location at 2535 Dundas Street West on March 29th.

You should go:

23-Skidoo! The Group of Seven Chefs hold a “prohibition party” on April 16th at Cowbell Restaurant (1564 Queen Street West). Tickets are $80 per person and will feature an array of food plus 3 cocktails and 1 beer.

The last Sunday of the month is this weekend, which means Marben (488 Wellington Street West) will be offering their monthly pig roast. It sells out, so book a reservation in advance!

Seedy Saturday hits Parkdale this weekend. It will be at Masayrk-Cowan Commnity Recreation Centre (220 Cowan Avenue) from 11am – 4pm on Saturday March 24th. It will also be at Lawrence Heights Community Centre (5 Replin Road) on Sunday, March 25th from 1pm – 5pm.

Iron Cupcake returns to For the Love of Cake (171 East Liberty, #117) on Sunday, March 25th. Take part by competing or just eating. More info.

In other food news:

If Greek yogurt is confusing to you, then check out this taste test. [Globe and Mail]

Do you often feel as if there is no way to help change our screwed up food system? 5 things you can do in 5 minutes. [Grist]

A good food writer will do their best to avoid cliched food words. But some of them are hard to get around. How about writing a review using as many trite phrases and cliches as you can think of? There might be a prize in it. [CHOW]

The point of fast food may be that it’s all exactly alike, no matter where you’re eating it. But thankfully, the same can’t be said for the architecture of many fast food restaurants. [Guardian]

Wal-Mart has made a lot of noise in recent years about going organic and local. But are they really? [Mother Jones]