Lucky Dip – Monday, March 26th, 2012

In Toronto:

Leaside gets a new French bistro in the form of L’Avenue (1568 Bayview Avenue), run by Otto Zapotocky, formerly of Nota Bene and Malena/L’Unita.

Are you tired of the foot-dragging from city council regarding food trucks in the city? Think your councillor should prioritize your right to stand in line for tacos over subways, pending strikes and library closures? Then send them some whiny spam encouragement. The Toronto Street Food Project shows you how.

Swallow has revealed that Matt DeMille will be leaving Enoteca Sociale (1288 Dundas Street West) at the end of April. No word yet on who will replace him.

Queen Margherita Pizza has more expansion plans. NOW reports that they’ll be opening a location in the Junction by early autumn.

How’s this for under the radar – The Beaver alumni open a restaurant called Camp in the Junction at 244 Jane Street. They’re serving breakfast/brunch/lunch.

The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street West) has revived their annual sugar shack with a maple-infused menu of snacks and cocktails.

You should go:

This Saturday, March 31st, Tea Aro (983 Queen Street East) and Fidel Gastro’s pair up for another espresso/sandwich throwdown. $10 at the door gets you free coffee and beer for the evening and sandwiches will go for $7 each with a portion of the sales going to a kids-related charity.

Wear your party dress – Friday, March 30th is surprise party night at Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Avenue). Enter your name in the draw and the whole shebang (cake, balloons, free drinks) can be for you.

In other food news:

No, no, no, no. Breweries – stop trying to tell women what they want and how they should drink beer. Women – stop buying into crappy beer marketed to your so-called delicate sensibilities. Gah! [Canadian Beer News]

Foodie-ism as youth culture? Sweet merciful crap. [New York Magazine]

Oh, look… more beef recalls. [CFIA]

Okay, really… who the hell tries to smuggle beets in their luggage? Airport sniffer dogs will find your tasty snacks, so don’t even think about it. [Star-Telegram]

Is popcorn the new superfood? Possibly, but not with all that salt and butter. [HON]