Lucky Dip – Monday, January 20th, 2014

Today’s Lucky Dip is mostly art-themed. Check out all this cool stuff…

salvador-dali-romeo-and-juliet-illustrations-1975-7In the 70s, Salvador Dali illustrated a version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Copies of the prints are actually for sale. [Via Twisted Sifter]


There is artwork on money. And money can buy you a lot of art. Plus money is made from trees and boxes are made from trees… not literally, of course, except in this case where the box of money is actually a block of wood. The awesome wood carving of Randall Rosenthal. [Via Twisted Sifter]


Sneaky cards, created in 2009, have been revived and redesigned and are spreading like a crazy wildfire meme. Folks on Reddit have taken teen Harry Lee’s original idea and expanded it, encouraging people, especially teens, to download and print sets of cards and then go out and be super-cool social ninjas. [Via Boing Boing]


Come on now, who wouldn’t want their very own talking Henry Rollins doll? Performance art, just by pulling a string. Just full of adolescent testosterone! [Via Dangerous Minds]


And finally, if the world’s museums are too far away, too expensive to get into, and too huge to view all in one day. look no further than Google. They may own you, but they also want to enlighten you, and the Google Art Project has teamed up with museums and galleries around the globe to put over 57,000 works of art online. No more stupid tourists, no more cranky security guards – enjoy the masterpieces of history from the comfort of your own home.