One of a Kind Fashion Finds

The One Of a Kind artisan show takes place in Toronto twice a year (there’s also a version in Chicago), and the holiday event attracts almost 800 artisans, designers and craftspeople. While the goods range from tasty to twee, OOAK has become a major event for many indie clothing and accessory designers from across Canada. We scoured the aisles for the coolest duds, with an eye – of course – to things suitable for folks with a “still weird” sensibility.

Everything mentioned is available online. A couple of caveats; while women’s wear is quite prevalent, we found very little in the way of cool clothing for men. And of the ladies wear, plus sizes were often hard to come by, although some designers did carry stuff up to about an 18 or 20.


This linen Gusto vest from Ruby Diego comes in three colours and can be worn year-round. Beautiful seaming down the front creates an hourglass effect.


Georgie Lambert of Retro G Couture reworks vintage and retro garments into works of art. For all your mad hatter, pirate and dandy highwaymen needs, her pieces are stunning and beautifully made.


We went crazy for the dresses from Birds of North America. All the fun styling of your standard 50s retro dresses but instead of the clichéd cherries and flamingos, there’s nature scenes and fab plaids.


The hats from Funk Shui Felt stood out among so many hat vendors for their quality styling and fab colours.


I’m helping out at a friend’s booth during OOAK, and I have to walk past the MoMo booth every day and I want all the things. Especially this tunic with floral detail.



THESE! Arm warmers made from cozy polar fleece. Sure, been done, right? But… the woven sections at the side allow the wearer to make their own thumb hole at a spot that is most comfortable. From Grey Matter, where they also have scarves made with the same woven concept to allow for adjustments.


The “no wallflowers” pieces by Monikque Couture Jewellery might not be for everyone, especially if you’re not used to wearing a lot of colour, but for the right person, this ring (yes, it’s a ring) would be fantastic.


Gypsy Circus out of Montreal makes all kinds of beautiful steampunk and dark mori inspired clothing.


Designer Katrina Mior is also at OOAK with her Totally Waisted collection of bespoke corsets.


We loved this vest by designer Jennifer Fukushima – her pieces are modern and fun with great lines.


Unique one-of-a-kind pieces from up-cycled materials are the specialty of Embody Clothing. Like this cashmere felted scarf.


The line of tunics, vests and coats by Carole Tremblay Designs can be dressed up or down.


The beautiful felted accessories from Foliliane come in a huge variety of colours. There’s hats, scarves, wrist warmers, headbands and even felted necklaces, earrings and brooches.


We found lots of things to love at Metamorphose Creations, like this great tunic top in black and purple with applique decoration.


So Simon Trudeau doesn’t appear to have a running website for his amazing Anemone Bags, but he’s got a Facebook page and will do personal mail-order of his plastic molded bags and backpacks. They’re lined with fun stuff like fabric, glitter and paint, making them space age awesome.

That was just a small sampling of the clothing and accessory designers we saw. The One of a Kind Show runs in Toronto until December 6th at the Enercare Centre at the Canadian National Exhibition.

This article originally appeared on Still Weird Zine.