Whitey McRedeyes

For many years, there were no known photos of the albino squirrel(s) that live in Trinity-Bellwoods Park. At one point (1998-ish) there were at least three, although in recent years, consensus seems to be that there’s only one remaining, and the critter has gained almost mythical status, despite the fact that it’s now much-photographed. Someone even created a Facebook profile for the albino squirrel, dubbing her Whitey McRedeyes (Not sure how they know Whitey is a girl, but we’ll take their word for it.).

Incredibly used to people, the squirrels in the park seem almost bored at having their photos taken, Whitey in particular. Given the delay of the digital camera, I have a few of Whitey’s tail as she grew bored and wandered away before the shot was done, but these two prove that she does indeed exist. The theory that she brings good luck is probably mine alone.