Lucky Dip – Thursday, June 16th, 2011

When Greg saw this article on the front of the Star yesterday morning, he joked that people were getting really desperate to dig up some news stories about the Canada Post strike. But it turns out that the crown corporation actually handles a few live animals (baby chickens, for instance) that couriers won’t touch and the strike means that beekeepers can’t maintain their colonies without the queen bees that are waiting to be shipped… via Canada Post. [Toronto Star]

Further to my food truck diss of yesterday, this piece explains part of my reasoning against the trend – because if/when it finally gets to Toronto, it won’t be about small entrepreneurial families serving up authentic food, it will be about shit like French toast and cupcakes trucks. [Chow]

And speaking of food trends that really should have finished 2 years ago… enough with the goddamned bacon already. [The Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

Steven Davey is not a fan of the currywurst at our local sausage emporium, Wvrst, but he digs the dogs. [NOW]

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