Lucky Dip – Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Could the Calgary Stampede be considered a preview for the CNE? Because who isn’t fully expecting to see a donut-burger this year? [National Post]

Warning – do not read this piece by Jay Rayner if you do not plan to have fish and chips for dinner. Because you will crave them immediately after completing the article. [The Guardian]

If you’re one of those people who set up a mini-office in the local coffee shop, follow some basic etiquette, as laid out by coffee shop owners. [Mashable]

Is this the year of beer? It’s sure looking that way with craft beer exploding in popularity. Even NOW is getting in on the action with a sleek pull-out beer guide. [NOW]

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Starbuck’s Is Not Your Private Office

I’m pegging this as another issue in my ongoing rant about how the lowest common denominator of society actually make the rules.

When cafes and coffee shops started offering free Wifi service, we all though it was terribly novel. People flocked to the chain shops to work and hang out, some spending the entire day there, writing, emailing, nursing a coffee. Note the singular tense there. A coffee. Maybe two.

Think about all the times you’ve been at a busy restaurant waiting for a table, watching that group in the corner linger on and on… well past when their bill has been delivered and paid for, well paid multiple refills of water… Now imagine the same scenario at a coffee shop. There’s some guy with a laptop, taking up a four-seat table, with that 3-hour-old cup of coffee in front of him. And there are no seats, you’re a group of 3 and you’ve all got food. Who deserves the table more?

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