Lucky Dip – Friday, October 7th, 2011

Could it all be for naught? As the city considers banning shark fin, they’re finding that it’s a law that should really be made on a provincial or federal level. [Toronto Star]

If you ever see a host or maitre’ d at a fine dining restaurant gesturing oddly, he might be using restaurant sign language. (With thanks to my pal Alan for the link to this one.) [New York Times]

Ah, Health Canada, watering down restrictions – like these ones of energy drinks – so they’re essentially meaningless. Your tax dollars hard at work. [Globe and Mail]

Can’t afford real truffles? There’s always truffle oil… or not. Most of it has never gotten close to a real truffle. [Bon Appetit]

Even if you don’t make the trek to Foodstock next weekend, you’ve got to agree that a quarry that could affect the water table on some of the best farmland in the country is a bad thing. [Toronto Star]

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