Winter Is a Marshmallow World

I tend to think of marshmallows as a summertime treat; probably from years of toasting the things on a stick after the steaks came off the hibachi. It was fun to hold the marshmallows as close to the hot coals as possible to see if they would catch fire. But they also make a great holiday treat, and these might just get added to my Christmas repertoire.

Marshmallows always seemed like one of those things that would be too much trouble to make at home, but they’re actually quite easy. And although I hadn’t made them since I was a kid, I had a craving for the things yesterday and so whipped up a batch.

In a day that was otherwise filled with small disasters (broke the handle off my coffee mug, also broke a custard cup, tipped over the dogs [full] water bowl, and had a computer that wouldn’t let me onto my own website because it was getting a virus warning), I truthfully expected this recipe wouldn’t work; that the entire kitchen would be covered in unset pink marshmallow fluff that acted like glue. I pictured Greg coming home from work to find me and the dogs adhered to the stand mixer, licking our way free.

My point being – this is dead easy and almost impossible to screw up.

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