Lucky Dip – Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

We happily pay for cookbooks and food magazines – so why do we expect recipes to be available for free online? One woman stands up and asks to be paid for her work developing recipes and gets hit with a tidal wave of backlash. Seriously people, the internets isn’t going to be free forever. [Will Write for Food]

What’s that? Your life is inconvenienced and you have to cook on a hot plate while you renovate your dream kitchen? Boo hoo, life is so unfair to you! [Globe and Mail]

And a reminder – the big fancy kitchen won’t necessarily make you a good cook. [Toronto Star]

Coffeehouse rules – draconian or logical? (Seriously, pre-ground coffee is a bad thing.) [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

5 things you probably don’t want to hear from your restaurant server. [Eatocracy]

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Lucky Dip – Thursday, September 8th, 2011

How awesome is this? Supermarkets that grow produce on those vast expanses of useless flat roof. Win-win-win. [Toronto Star]

Polish up your resume, wanna-be restaurant critics; rumours are that Sam Sifton, critic for the New York Times is moving on to the national desk. Who will get the tasty top job? [Eater]

Who cares about celebrities when you’re enjoying a good steak frites? La Societe overcomes its reputation as a richy-rich hangout. [NOW]

Cookbooks as literature. [The Awl]

McDonald’s here in Canada is getting all swankified. But you’ve gotta love Eater’s reasoning on the inclusion of fireplaces; “it’s cold in Canada”. That’s right, all year long – that day in July when the temperature cracked 40°C – that was just a dream. A cup of coffee in front of the McD’s fireplace will be a welcome reprieve from shivering in our unheated igloos. [Eater]

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