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Since 2006, I’ve kept a blog in one form or another, and over the years topics have included food, fashion, art and culture, as well as personal stories and essays. Check the sidebar for my latest posts, or use the search option for specific topics.

Short Fiction

Recently I’ve been focused on writing short stories, usually as a collection along a particular theme. I’ve begun publishing those pieces here, as individual posts on the blog. Read the entire series by clicking the collection title, or choose individual pieces by selecting the story title.

Punk Girls
Stories inspired by women in the punk scene, both current and back in the day.
NEW!I Am a Cliché
The Black Cat and the Prince of Darkness
The Cherry Beach Express

The Restaurant
A collection of short stories set in restaurants.
NEW! Fair Game
Table Manners

Pride Vignettes
A 7-part series of flash fiction relating to Pride.

Full Length Books

I am the author of three books. You can buy these in either ebook or dead tree format. Check them out here.


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