Lucky Dip – Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Many chefs work their whole careers aspiring to cook for royalty (or at least a few minor celebrities). For a few kids from Stratford, their first real gig will be helping to prepare dinner for Will & Kate. [Toronto Star]

Whoa – you know how they say disposable diapers will last for hundreds of years in a landfill? Not if you use them to grow mushrooms. This is way awesome. [The Economist]

Think inside the box – used shipping containers, painted festive colours, make a great little modular marketplace, like this one at Scadding Court, where people can sell everything from prepared food to cheese. [BlogTO]

Look around at the litter the next time you’re out on the street – the majority of it is from fast food restaurants. Yet few fast food places will put your food in reusable containers. And recycle? Heaven forbid. [Mother Jones]

There’s an art to making kam cha (Chinese milk tea). Jennifer Bain helped judge a contest that will see the winner compete in Hong Kong. [Toronto Star]

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