Black Creek Pioneer Village

A couple of weeks ago, Greg and I went to Black Creek Pioneer Village for their first annual beer festival. It was a bit of a trek by TTC (about an hour and twenty minutes each way), but that you can even get there at all by public transportation is kind of cool. Not getting out to the ‘burbs all that much, I sort of expected the village to be in the wilderness, but it’s bounded by Jane Street, Steeles Avenue and the York University campus. But the village itself is secluded and genuinely feels as if you’ve gone back in time. Based around the original farm buildings from the mid-1800s, many of the other buildings came from other areas of Toronto and Ontario and were all put together in the 1960s to form a park. It’s a favourite with school groups, as would be expected.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of the buildings, but more of the flora and fauna we encountered.

More apples in the orchard.

Cow. Self-explanatory.

Chickens appear to be intentionally hard to photograph.

Hellllooo… ladies! Some ganders on the prowl.

Just ignore them, maybe they’ll go away. This gaggle wants nothing to do with the boys.

A pig looking for handouts.

Psst… see those apples over there? Pass me one, will ya? Come on, just one!

Flower garden.

Medicinal garden beside the doctor’s house.

Nasturtiums in the medicinal garden.

Obligatory willow tree beside the mill.