Eating Well in the Afterlife

I loves me some Mexican food, so the first thing we did when we hit the Day of the Dead festival at Harbourfront Centre yesterday was to grab some grub. Our favourite folks from El Jacal were there serving up their awesome nachos, which meant we ended up ignoring the tasty-looking tacos from Mariachi’s, but we were just too full to eat any more.

Seating indoors was packed, so we ended up on an outdoor patio in the cold, but even that couldn’t quell our desire for nachos and tortillas and flautas and oh… the lovely wonderful churros. They weren’t hot from the fryer and I had to ward off hungry sparrows, but they were still amazingly fluffy and sweet, rolled in cinnamon sugar and doused in chocolate.

Then we hit the marketplace and bought chocolate skulls and sugar skulls and little skulls made from some grain that no one could come up with an English word for, but that I later determined to be amaranth, which has been grown in Mexico for centuries and is believe to have magical properties that give amazing strength. We also bought chips meant to be served with lime and hot sauce, and some beautiful sweets that were made with milk and had a consistency similar to fudge.

Sugar skulls.

A variety of chocolate and sugar skulls.

Skulls waiting to be eaten.

Porkosity on the taco plate from El Jacal.

The best nachos ever.

Hot cinnamon churros.