Parkdale’s Got the Yummy Stuff

yummystuffmoragYummy Stuff
1660 Queen Street West

All of the ladies who work at my vet’s office have been waiting with bated breath for the grand opening of the Yummy Stuff retail shop. For the past six weeks or so, while owner Morag Cleevely has been using the storefront as a industrial kitchen space in which to fill custom orders, the wafting scent of baking cookies and cakes has been travelling the three doors east past their office, taunting them with visions of frosting and pastry as they take their canine charges for a walk, yet leaving them frustrated and unfulfilled. While many neighbourhoods are becoming jaded by their selection of fancy treats, the folks here in Parkdale are excited by the prospect of our first real fancy bakeshop in, well, decades.


yummystuffnecklaceCleevely, who has up until now concentrated on the custom order, catering and wholesale aspect of her 5-year-old baked goods business, admits that it has always been her dream to open up a shop.

“The residents, local merchants and restaurants are right up the alley of Yummy Stuff products and clientele,” Cleevely replies to my question about why she has chosen to set up shop in Parkdale. “I’ve grown up in the west end,” she says, “Etobicoke, Bloor West Village and High Park; and have seen Parkdale progress into a great little neighbourhood.”

yummystuffdaisiesThe product list that Cleevely sends me will ensure that not just Parkdale residents will be frequenting her store. “The shop will carry cakes and cupcakes in flavours such as chocolate, red velvet, lemon, raspberry, carrot and banana,” Cleevely says in an email. “Assorted favourite cookies and squares including shortbreads, chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, brownies and more. Pies and tarts including lemon tart, chocolate ganache tart, blueberry pie, key lime pie and more. We also do many decorated cookies and offer custom cakes to order.” Whew!!

yummystuffpolkadotWith buzz about the opening on local blogs, and not just of the food and drink variety, there are plenty of people across the city anxious to check the place out, and at yesterday’s grand opening, Yummy Stuff had a constant stream of visitors and customers coming through the door, all anxious to try the wares and to congratulate Cleevely and her staff and welcome them to the neighbourhood.

The shop is small but bright, with a big south-facing window and a case full of gorgeous cakes, pies and the well-known cupcakes. With notes of pink and green, the shop’s signature colours, in accessories and packaging, it’s got a feel of a pretty tea party without being twee.

And if the cupcakes and pie we brought home are any indication, I’m pretty sure the neighbourhood is going to go nuts for Cleevely’s sweet creations. Yummy Stuff already has a reputation for making fabulous goodies and a retail space is not just a boon for Parkdalians, but for everyone with a love of the sweeter things in life. Including all the gals at the vet’s office down the street.