On the Shelf – Good Stuff We Found in March

It’s been a while since we ran an On the Shelf column. I’m not sure why – it’s not like I haven’t been shopping. But in the past month I’ve come across some great finds that I just had to share.

Dark Chocolate with fragments of Rose – Chocolats Yves Thuries
Available at: Domino’s, St. Lawrence Market, $5.99
This is exactly what it appears to be, a 70% dark chocolate bar with little nibs of candied rose. I’ve not heard of this chocolatier before but this is a really nice chocolate with a bright sheen and a good snap, although the flavour, logically, takes a backseat to the rose. There’s also mint and lavender versions of this confection, and the lavendar one is very pretty, and not at all soapy or overpowering.

Spicy Dal Spelt Sticks, Evelyn’s Crackers
Available at: Pantry, Big Carrot, and assorted farmers’ markets (check website), $5
These earthy cracker sticks have a spicy bite. They’re great with dip or a mild cheese, or for those who really like it hot, top with red pepper jelly. They’re made with local, organic ingredients plus lentils and coconut.

Fig Salami, Viva Tastings
Available at: Viva Tasting booth, north St. Lawrence Market, $11.95
This combination of figs, medjool dates, ginger, almonds and pine nuts along with spices and brandy is already perfect to add to any cheese or charcuterie plate. That Chef Karen Viva-Haynes thought to roll it in a log and dust it with powdered sugar to make it look like a salami is even better.

Creme Fraiche, Thornloe Dairy
Available at: from their website, and soon through selected retailers
Creme Fraiche is the biggest “where can I find” email we get here at TasteTO. It just doesn’t seem to exist in stores. But the folks at Thornloe Dairy have started making it and it should soon be available at retail.