Lucky Dip – Friday, June 17th, 2011

Well, that’s just nuts – by which I mean that it really shouldn’t be hard to make a flight nut-free, never mind a nut-free zone within the plane. Seriously, people, I want a show of hands from everyone who can’t survive a couple of hours on a plane without nuts, because you all need a smack. [National Post]

The IFDB? An online food database where you can track the provenance of your food, or find a store or restaurant that has local ingredients. [Civil Eats]

For all those times you stood in a roti shop, wondering what a doubles was and were too afraid to ask. [Spice City Toronto]

I can’t remember if Convergence, the annual alt.gothic meet-up has ever been held in Denver, but I bet it will be, if only so all the Goths can have dinner in this restaurant that used to be a mortuary. [Eater]

This is a FABULOUS piece on what it’s like to be a food writer/restaurant critic. I especially love the part about lack of social life and dragging friends to restaurants, because it’s so true, not to mention how to deal with offers of freebies, bribes, etc. [HoustonPress]

Middle east peace talks, democracy, freedom of speech… they’re not upset about any of this in Israel because the price of cottage cheese has risen, and that’s apparently more important. [Toronto Sun]

The Los Angeles school board has banned chocolate milk. But what’s the next food in the crosshairs? Juice looks to be a likely contender. [Los Angeles Times]

Fake nails, well done steak, lots of packaged ingredients – run, you’re in the home of a bad cook. [Chow]